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The Big Hog Friendly Litter Pick Challenge 2022

The Big Hog-Friendly Litter Pick Challenge 2022 was bigger than ever…

After 2 months of tidying up their communities, students, staff and members of the public have jointly collected almost 1000 bags of litter from around their campuses. Teams were tasked with the challenge of achieving the biggest trash total in the #Pick4Prickles challenge and they didn’t disappoint.

The challenge saw three categories of teams taking part, including universities, colleges and primary schools. The winners received a hedgehog house and bag of hedgehog food for their campus and all volunteers received a certificate too.

Winners: University Category:

Congratulations to the University of Greenwich team, who had the highest trash total of any university. The team of 8 collected a whopping 139 bags of litter over the challenge.

A big well done to The University of Cardiff and Durham University who came to a close second and third place with 99 and 72 bags respectively.

The Loughborough University litter pick team

David Jackson at Greenwich University

Winners: College Category:

Well done to the Ayrshire College team, who has the highest trash total in the College category. The team of 24 collected 43 bags of litter overall.

A notable mention goes to Sheffield College which came second place with 16 bags. Great work team.

Winners: Primary School Category:

Harrysmuir Primary School in Scotland won the Primary School category, with an amazing 220 volunteers who collected 72 bags of litter overall.

Well done to Warwick Prep School who came second place with 27 bags collected, and to Sunnyside Primary School who had 250 pupils and staff members taking part!

Harrysmuir’s P7s with their litter haul

The litter pick leaderboard:

Peculiar Picks:

Our volunteers found some weird stuff on their travels, ranging from old fridges to pants! But the winner of the Peculiar Pick competition was the Royal Agricultural University who found an almost-new cooking pan and very fancy-looking dress shoe. It’s strange what people throw away.

Well done to everyone who took part!

Hedgehog Friendly Campus is funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Find out more about the charity at

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