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The Big Hog Friendly Litter Pick Challenge 2023

Results released today: Which campus had the biggest Trash Total?

Teams were tasked with the challenge of picking the most litter in the #Pick4Prickles 2023 challenge and they didn’t disappoint!

After 2 months of tidying up their communities, 1400 students, staff and members of the public jointly collected almost 750 bags of litter from their campus and local area!

The challenge saw 4 categories of teams taking part, including universities, colleges, secondary schools, and primary schools. The winners received a hedgehog house and bag of hedgehog food for their campus and all volunteers received a certificate too.

Winners of the University Category:

Congratulations to the University of Hertfordshire team, who had the highest trash total of any university. The team of 91 collected a whopping 79 bags of litter over the challenge.

A big well done to The University of Warwick and Cardiff University who came to a close second and third place with 77 and 33 bags respectively.

Photo credit: The University of Hertfordshire litter pick team

Winners of the College Category:

Well done to the Derby College Group team, who has the highest trash total in the College category. The team of 39 collected 62 bags of litter overall.

Notable mentions go to Sheffield College which came second place with 40 bags, and Shipley College which came in third place with 35 bags. Great work teams!

Photo credit: The Derby College Group litter pick team

Winners of the Secondary School Category:

Martin High School won the Secondary School category, with an amazing 20 volunteers who collected 50 bags of litter overall.

Well done to Havant Academy who came second place with a team of 175 volunteers and 31 bags collected, and to Nelson Academy who had 45 volunteers taking part with a trash total of 10.

Photo credit: Martin High School litter pick team

Winners of the Primary School Category:

Harrysmuir Primary School won the Primary School category 2 years in a row! With 130 incredible volunteers who collected 37 bags of litter overall for 2023. This is a reduction since last year, making the school grounds safer for hedgehogs and other wildlife as time goes on!

A huge well done to Ebbw Fawr Learning Community Primary who came second place with 30 bags collected and 52 volunteers, and to St Alban’s CE (Aided) Primary who had 60 volunteers taking part and collected 28 bags of litter!

Photo credit: Harrysmuir Primary School litter pick team

The litter pick leaderboard:

Well done to everyone who took part!

Hedgehog Friendly Campus is funded in part by public donations and in part by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, the UK’s hedgehog conservation charity. Delivered by Students Organising for Sustainability UK. Find out more about both charities at /

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