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Hear from the Hoggy Hub at St Albans Primary!

Year 2 pupils at St Albans primary school are the driving force behind the school's 'Hoggy Hub' and have been working incredibly hard to make their school grounds a safer place for hedgehogs to live. One of the pupils, Lily, made a hedgehog home and brought it into the school as part of her application to be a Nature Ambassador. Since then, there has been a growing hedge-hoggy movement and they are working towards becoming a Hedgehog Friendly School.

Take a look at some of the things they have been doing at school and in their own gardens.

Hedgehog Safety

The Hoggy Hub and #ForceForNature Club have been assessing how safe their school grounds are for hedgehogs. Mr & Mrs Lyons have been especially busy creating a ramp for the deep part of the pond and the pupils are extremely thankful. Hedgehogs are good swimmers but they also need to be able to climb out!

Roadshow 2023

Photos by Mr Malcom at St Albans Primary.

Hedgehogs were an important part of the school's 2023 Roadshow. Oscar, a pupil at the school had spent some time explaining to Madam Mayor about hedgehogs and why they need our support. Oscar also talked through some of the simple actions that everyone can take, making all the difference to wild hedgehogs. The school even had a stall from Waterlooville Hedgehog Rescue!

Head over to their website to hear all about how St Albans pupils got on with our Hedgehog Friendly Schools HogBox.

Keep up the good work St Albans hedgehog heroes! You are doing a fantastic job in helping our prickly friends.

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