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Hedgehog Friendly Schools: Seafield Primary

Hedgehog Friendly Schools guest blog:

Here at Seafield Primary in Moray, we have been working hard to maintain our Hedgehog Friendly School status. At the end of the hibernation period, we checked the hedgehog house made by one of last year’s P7 pupils, but found it seemed to have been unoccupied!

Seafield’s hedgehog house


Nevertheless, we have been clearing our hedgehog highway tunnels and putting out the footprint tunnel. So far, we have only found snail trails! We know there are hedgehogs nearby though, we have checked the Big Hedgehog Map, so we will keep trying!

Pupil checking the hedgehog footprint tunnel at Seafield

We recently took part in Plantlife’s No Mow May in certain areas of the school, and plan to make part of our front lawn into a wildflower meadow. Classes throughout the school have enjoyed hedgehog-themed lessons, which have covered literacy, numeracy, science, art, and the local community. Our P6 classes are focussing on how to help hedgehogs for their whole term projects. They really are becoming experts! Their enthusiasm reassures me that we can all make a difference!

Our Pupil Champions have also written their own views on what it means to be a part of Hedgehog Friendly Schools. Read about their thoughts below!

Hedgehog Champions Report

We are Leyla and Macaulay, the hedgehog champions of our school Seafield primary school.

What we have to do. 

As hedgehog champions we are expected to come to every single meeting, unless we are off school.

What we do at our meetings.

At our meetings we have to talk about how to keep hedgehogs from going extinct. We learn about what is deadly to hedgehogs. This is a list of all the things we know that are deadly to hedgehogs and why:

  • Milk: hedgehogs are lactose intolerant! (So you should never feed them milk or bread).

  • Pumpkins: hedgehogs shouldn't have pumpkins, so make sure to take in your pumpkins after Halloween. (Pumpkins can give them an upset tummy, so always best to dispose of a pumpkin properly or put it in a place hedgehogs can't reach!).

  • Litter: hedgehogs can’t be near litter as they may think it is food and try to eat it. So make sure to put your rubbish in the bin! (Hedgehogs can also be severely injured by getting trapped in litter so you must listen to Seafield Primary School's Hedgehog Champions!).

Why we enjoy being hedgehog champions 

  • Colouring sheets.

  • We get to learn about hedgehogs.

  • We like going to meetings.

  • We like telling people all about hedgehogs and how to look after them

We are very fortunate as a school to have access to a large outdoor area, but even if your school does not, activities can be tailored to make the most of your facilities. Learning to care about hedgehogs and the resultant benefits to biodiversity in general can be incorporated into the curriculum. Even small actions can have big results and help to make your school more hedgehog-friendly!

Blog written by Mrs Williams, Leyla and Macaulay from Seafield Primary School🦔

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